The Earth Is Flat

Government controlled science likes to spread the misinformation of the world is flat. The evidence is abundant that the world is indeed flat though. Think about it. If the Earth is not flat why is the horizon always flat when you look out over the ocean or non mountainous land. For that matter why do things always fall straight down?

The myth world being round is a myth pushed by rich people who’ve seen the spectacular waterfalls at the edge of the ocean where the water just flows off the edge of the world. That’s why the ocean has waves in it all the time. The waterfall’s disturbances in the surface propagate back towards land. Once in a while a large rock gets washed off the edge and when it falls it causes an earth quake. Also if the rock leaves enough of a void the water rushes into the hold to fill it up and that causes tsunamis.

Luckily they designed the earth to float on a bigger pool of water and have an intricately designed system of pumps to pump the water back up through an underground system of pipes to form springs. which combine to streams then rivers that enter the ocean to keep the water levels the same. Thankfully the thought to install filters so the water becomes clean again.